Vintage Yamaha 61 Tenor Saxophone in BRISBANE, Queensland for sale

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Regretful sale of this beautiful Yamaha 61 vintage tenor.
Generally considered the first "Pro" saxophone made by Yamaha, the 61 is a tremendous horn.
As you can see from the pics this one is in great condition for its age apart from the inevitable scratches and worn lacquer. The bell keyguard is undamaged (complete with adjustable felts) and the plastic connectors on the C and Bb trills are nice and tight. It has a high F#.
When I bought this horn it was already in great shape and I have recently had it serviced to ensure it is in top playing condition.
I was curious to see what all the hype about the 61 and vintage 62's was all about and I get it; modern ergos, great intonation and a neutral tone that is easily shaped by whatever mouthpiece you throw on it. Would I buy this rather than a price equivalent modern sax? You bet.
I have had the privilege of owning and loving a number of vintage tenors and while the 61 is a great horn, it isn't the one for me.
Sale is for sax only, no accessories. I do have a few mouthpieces for sale on Australialisted at the moment; if one takes your fancy I am happy to do a package deal.
If you are in Brisbane feel free to come by for a playtest.